The Agency Girl

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Author: Dan

Working away from home is a real pain in the ass sometimes but usually I could get by when I could find a hot bird to spend a little time with. Unfortunately this trip I was stuck next to a slim Jane pretzel who was as cold as they come and it was all a little too much for me. She was so attractive yet, she was so distant and her cold personality reminded me of a fish.

My flight was delayed several hours so really she topped it all off and by the time I made it to my destination I was as horny as hell and just wanted someone to be with. Before I reached my hotel I had placed a call to a friend finding out which was the best agency in town to call so once I was there I didn’t want to have to do anything, I wanted to be fucked good and hard, but I certainly didn’t want a sex goddess from Iceland or something…

After checking in and grabbing the keys to my room I headed upstairs and rang the agency that my mate had suggested. I organised for the girl to come straight in when she arrived and after I put the fee on the coffee table I headed into the bathroom to grab a refreshing shower… Oh to be relaxed… it was such a good feeling…

Just as I finished in the shower and was drying off, I heard the door to my room open and a girl cheerfully humming to herself…

“I’ll be there in a moment!” I called.

“Take your time, the clock doesn’t start until you are with me” the hot bird replied.

The voice was gentle and the ache in my balls was getting stronger every second that I heard her humming to herself. I threw on the hotel’s robe and went out to meet the babe I was about to have a wonderful sexual experience with. When I walked into the bedroom I was suddenly confronted with a babe I truly wasn’t expecting, instead of a trim babe I was horrified to find myself looking at a . Well she wasn’t exactly fat but she was a big plump girl and not what I had asked for when I had called the agency. I’m sure she could read my mind because she gave me a strange look and said,

“Come on then,” she said, “You’ve paid for the service and now your going to get what you paid for”.

She casually walked over and pushed me down onto the bed and my robe slipped open. Before I could do anything she was on the bed too and was going down on my aching . It only took a of seconds for me to realise that I was getting a Blowjob like none I had ever experienced before.

She bit and sucked my nob and at the same time she had her hand wrapped around my shafting pumping it slowly and then when I least expected it she performed a deep- on me, sucking my cock deep into her mouth and down her moist throat. Her tongue was causing my head to spin and body to twitch…

She kept this up till I thought my eyeballs were about to pop out of my head and I was sure I couldn’t hold back any longer… But then she stopped as quickly as she had started…

She sat back, watching me lying there on the bed as my cock throbbed. She removed her silk blouse and released her out of her bra. I was confronted with a pair of the biggest and ripest breasts with large erect nipples that I have ever seen. They were firm too and when she leaned forward and hit me in the face with those mammaries it was like being hit by two boulders. Suddenly I found myself wanting to be smothered by those huge fleshy juggs…

Then she stopped again and leaned back and slowly slid her skirt up over her rounded thighs. I was mesmerised as she straddled my hips, took my shaft in her hand and gently guided it till it was just parting her pussy lips. She held it there for a moment and smiled at me, I smiled back at her realising she was beautiful and when I wasn’t expecting her to do anything she slammed her pussy down on my pulsating prick so that it was buried deep inside her hot, wet and tight cunt.

I gasped with the pleasure but the gasp quickly turned to screams as she proceeded to like a wild animal. In a few seconds I’d blown my load but she didn’t stop and the pleasure she was giving me was so intense that it was making my toes curl. When she finally stopped I was totally fucked, I had never had a session like it.

She climbed off me and headed into the bathroom to tidy herself up. When she walked out my heart skipped a beat but here I was still on the bed with a limp cock, not able to move for fear of losing the memory of a wild fuck session. She smiled at me as she left her card. She knew I would want it and I did. I’ll never look at a thin girl again cause they just don’t know how to please a guy. RULE!

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